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About Us

 Stawi Foods and Fruits Limited is an award winning food processing business based in Nairobi, Kenya. The business is primarily involved in milling of nutritious porridge flours that are sold in the Kenyan market. Stawi began as a banana flour processing business in 2011 where it processed and packed banana flour for sale to national supermarkets. The company later diversified its products to offer two new instant fortified porridge flours (Nurture Junior and Nurture Family).

Our Story
Stawi Foods enables small-holder farmers in Kenya to earn higher incomes on their produce. Stawi Foods is making an effort to reconnect society, and provide genuine benefit to surrounding communities. In providing a major buying culture change, Stawi has called time on the model where middlemen served their own interests leaving farmers exploited and poor.

How we began:
To create sustainable growth, banana farmers in Meru, one of the largest banana producing regions in Kenya, needed buyers willing to purchase their produce at responsible prices. It was the same cycle over and over. Farmers would invest heavily in banana farming, only to end up disappointed by an oversupply in the market or poor pay by middlemen. We thought farmers deserved better.
Middlemen were profiteering at the expense of the farmers because of the low market prices caused by an oversupply of bananas to the market during harvest time. Stawi Foods believed this situation required a shift.
Partly due to the shadow cast by bananas not being available all year, they usually become cheap during harvest time and expensive in the dry season. Furthermore, the volatility in price was dangerous for bananas, as it was a crop used to avoid famine and served as food buffer in times of scarcity between cereal harvests. Due to this, thousands of farmers remained poor as a result of waste and poor yields from their banana harvests. Lack of storage and processing facilities, bad roads and poor access to markets, also did not help matters.
Stawi Foods was looking for ways of providing a market for small-scale farmers and increasing the shelf life of bananas, which would rot in farms, especially those belonging to farmers who could not reach the collection centers set up along the tarmac road on market days.
The farmers held their breath for many years, as a large percentage of the bananas harvested in Kenya either got rotten, wasted or never got sold. Several farmers are left teetering on the brink of poverty, as they suffer serious losses as their produce go to waste or was sold at throw-away price.
We have been strong advocates for Kenyan businesses to engage in value addition, and not just concentrate on selling raw products that can be later processed, only for us to import what we had in the first place as unprocessed raw material. The food processing industry is critical in providing a market for farm produce, creating employment and curbing rural-urban migration. Value addition promotes the export of finished goods rather than raw materials and earns the country more foreign currency.

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Contact:   +254-02-02426083
Location: Nairobi ,
Website: http://stawiindustries.com/
Country: Kenya

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