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SSD Chemical Anti Breeze Specialist Technician And Cleaning Machine Available call +27815723063

Price : KES 5000
Seller : Quality Chemicals
Phone : +27815723063
Item Location : Nairobi West
Quality Chemicals (Visit my Shop)
Nairobi West
20 nakuru rd
SSD Chemical Anti Breeze Specialist Technician And Cleaning Machine Available call +27815723063

SSD Solution & SSD Supreme Solution+27 815723063
SSD Solution is the main chemical used in cleaning stained and coated currency. It is mainly found in 1 litre, 1,5litre and two litre metal insulated containers. it is necessary to keep it in such SSD Solution is a milky white liquid chemical Compound used in the cleaning of black stained notes, this chemical compound can be enhanced by adding other catalyst oxides and can be diluted with paste to increase its pool of cleaning, to increase the number of bills you are to clean.
ssd solution black money cleaning solution
Black Coated and stained money (currency) can be a mission to clean to it legal tender value especially if you are using the wrong kind of chemicals. The condition of the coated money matters as this determines what kind of chemical is to be use at what ratios the mix is to be composed of.
should you be in the mood of mix and try please Email and place your order. We how ever encourage clients to do site test.
This means that, the coated money is test in your presence by an experienced technician who will recommend the kind and amount of chemical. As well as the ratio to be use in the chemical mixture.
To have a technician visit your premises please Email





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