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About Us

Our Roots

Telkom Kenya was established as a telecommunications operator under the Companies Act in April 1999. We provide integrated communications solutions in Kenya with the widest range of voice and data services as well as network facilities for residential and business customers. We are proud to play a prominent role in the information and communications technology sector, serving millions of Kenyans across the country. The company, as at June 2011, has a customer base of approximately 2,800,000 customers on GSM, fixed and CDMA wireless platforms with a country-wide presence.

Our Wings

Telkom Kenya`s partnership with France Telecom Group, saw the launch of the Orange brand in Kenya in 2008. Our new corporate identity is inspired by new investments and a fresh new approach to doing business. This is the beginning of an exciting journey, a journey we invite all Kenyans to be part of.

Our new approach to serving customers means we place people at the centre by making our services straightforward, simple and more enriching. In addition to the existing Orange Shops, we continue to invest in new shops to enable us serve our customers better. In doing so, we work to bring people together to achieve their goals.

We are embarking on a truly exciting journey to fulfill our potential as Kenya`s original national telecommunications operator.

Come and join us.
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"We will connect every Kenyan through integrated communication solutions that simplify and enrich their lives. We are a social and business catalyst, liberating and inspiring people with ideas and services to connect, collaborate, co-create in new and exciting ways".

Communication is one of the fundamental needs of every person: we define ourselves in relation to our community. In this new information age, it is important that the new tools of communication are not barriers; it is vital that these tools remain what they are: a means, not an end in itself. We consequently work to make sure that communication services are available without technological complication, just as natural tools that enable us to live our lives more fully.

The tools of today include voice, data, fixed lines, mobile technology and internet. At Telkom Kenya, we offer an integrated solution to make communication easy, natural and at your convenience. Our integrated offering enables our communities to be harmonious, to share and exchange ideas, to earn livelihoods and to help build a better Kenya together.



Orange has always spoken to the optimist in everyone, and believed in making life better for people.

When communications technology was confusing, we made it easy and accessible to everyone; and we`ve been connecting the world ever since.

Today, we live in a digital world where things are changing quicker than ever before people are living and working in a much more fluid way and are seeking new and innovative ways to interact with one another.At orange we are at the heart of this.We want to liberate and inspire people with ideas and services, to connect, collaborate and co-create.

Head Office,
Telkom Plaza Ralph Bunche Road
P.O.BOX 30301-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

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Our Services

Site Negotiator Position - Telkom Kenya


Site Negotiator Position - Telkom Kenya
 Reporting to: Network Roll out Manager   Range: R3   Department: IT & Network   Role Purpose: Acquires sites for telecommunication installations, acquire permits as necessary and provide liaison with contractors and statutory bodies on matters related to the above.   Key


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Contact:   0204600200
Location: Nairobi , Telkom Plaza Ralph Bunche Road
Country: Kenya