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About Us

Advertage Advertising focus is in sustainable advertising development, printing, promotions, supply, installation and maintenance of all types of indoor and outdoor signage and promotional materials. Our fundamental objective is to deliver a highly visible and visually attractive image of our customers’ products and services through creative artistic impression while reducing on waste and carbon footprint. Advertage Advertising was established in 2010 and started operations in 2011. The business has experienced a healthy growth pattern since its first year of operation and aims to maintain sustained growth. Our team believes in details and thorough research can dig out those details. Whether the task is to identify the unique personality of a corporation, or predict the likely reaction of a target audience, we start with the kind of reliable research that removes the guesswork. With the help of our proprietary tools, our client service team are trained in order to shield your investment. This is our basis on providing you with strategies. We provide effective advertising strategies that are practical and sustainable in the market place.


Our Vision is to be the Interior Design and Outdoor Advertisement service provider of choice in Kenya with a global reach.


To relentlessly pursue the highest possible standards in advertisement today. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with top quality services while delivering on the agreed timelines.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of qualist services ranging from Graphic Design, Promotional Merchandise, Wall Branding, Interior design & Vehicle Branding

Wall Branding
High quality wall and vehicle branding executed to perfection is the only standard our experienced team have in order to do justice to your brand and further maintain your company image as well as market your products and services.

Vehicle Branding - Fleet Branding | Truck Branding | Delivery Vans and Cars
Reaching thousands of people every day, vehicle and fleet branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service.


Contact us

Contact:   +254 722798871
Location: Nairobi , Revlon Plaza 3rd Floor, Tubman Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
Website: http://www.advertage.co.ke
Country: Kenya